Two and a half years suspect and counting. Police at my door. 5+ times at the police station. Fingerprints taken. A judicial curator. 10+ times to court. Two law suits about the same picture, the same accusers, the same protests, different days.


Years ago I and hundreds thousands protested against our Europe's most restrictive abortion law. I made a painting in a few hours and protested a couple times with it. It may not be pretty, but the topic is not either.


The solutions towards lesser need of abortions are known. Proper sexual education in schools. Easy access to preservatives and morning-after pills. Easy access to clinics and psychological help for those in need. Banning and condemning people in those situations are disgusting and solve nothing.


The accusation of hurting 'religious feelings' (art. 196) with the painting comes from catholic fundamentalist association Fidei Defensor. Their employees search photos of protests on the internet to have their feelings hurt. Their work is sponsored with money from the ministry of justice. The minister of justice is from the same political party as many of the employees of this association.


The minister of justice has made himself the head of prosecution since 2015. There is no sovereign justice system in Poland. I do not expect fair trails. For justice I will have to turn to the European court.







Strajk kobiet

Late 2021

50 X 60


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Created by Soroka